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Renac ™SP-2001 Hair Styling Brush

M. Bohnhoff, Inc. began selling new Renac SP-2001s in 1997. This was a result of not being able to locate a beauty supply store locally that supported a large beauty salon school in this area. We started selling on the web with the two domain names of and Since that time we ONLY sell to the professional or proven, safety minded past users of the product. All sales have included a written sign-off to these requirements since the first orders. Even though we are aware of many other resellers that do not care or even make their customers aware, no other reseller stresses to the extent that we do about the proper and trained safe usage of this great professional product manufactured by MFS.

Every Renac SP-2001 sold is factory fresh band new! We DO NOT sell seconds or rebuilds. We also do not sell parts, nor do we service this product. Please contact the manufacture for all warranty issues past our original 30 day replacement warranty, per the manufacturer.

-Mark T. Bohnhoff,

M. Bohnhoff, Inc.

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