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No longer in production, or available!

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Renac ™SP-2001 Hair Styling Brush *******No longer in production, or available!*******
Renac SP- 2001

Specially Designed by French Champion Hair Stylists...

Style professionally with the Renac™ hot electric hair styling brush. It curls, shapes, or straightens, for the professional look... Speeds up styling time by 50%.

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Most other sites claim a low price, without showing you the shipping cost prior to the ordering process. That is why we show you the prices up front and on our Home Page.

Add No longer in production, or available.$7.20 shipping and handling
for orders quantity one or two.

Add No longer in production, or available.$8.95 shipping and handling
for orders of three.

Add No longer in production, or available.$13.75 shipping and handling
for orders of four to seven. News

11/23/15 - No longer in production, or available!RENAC SP-2001 with the orange handle and original style metal barrel, M. Bohnhoff, Inc. (a reseller) chooses at this time to not sell the new version (pink color) of the SP-2001. We believe this is a temporary situation and the disruption to the sale of this high quality and excellent product will be short. If your email address is part of our email list you will be contacted when purchase information becomes available. If you have not subscribed please add your email address below. Thank You, Mark T. Bohnhoff

04/03/04 - Copy (for reference) of the original manufacturer's warranty is now published on our web site. This is for users that purchased from a reseller other than us.

Safety and Training

Since this web site is not advertised to the general public, you agree that this web site was accessed by using or You also agree that you had already safely used, trained or are a licensed user of this product. You also agree that you have owned and have known of the product Renac SP-2001 before ordering here. Do not order if you are just trying it out as a new user. This site is for repeat users, who already know the product and are familiar with its safe usage. *Sale of this product is for professional or beauty school trade only.

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